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Rivnut® by Bollhoff is the global leader in rivetnut technology. Rivnuts® were invented in the mid 30's as a way to attach material to the outside of an aircraft wing. There was no chance to access the inside of the wing to attach a nut, so the Rivnut was able to install threads inside the wing from the outside surface. This is known as a blind application, access to only one side of the assembly while fastening. Bollhoff, a leading German firm aquired the Rivnut business and added to an already impressive line of products similar to Rivnuts, called Rivkle (pronounced riv'-clay").

Rivnuts are available from 6-32 or M3 to 1/2-13 or M12. Materials available include Steel, Aluminum, 400 Series Stainless, Non Magnetic Stainless. Platings are available in Zinc, RohS Compliant Zinc, Cadmium and Zinc/Tin.

Bollhoff manufactures various types of Rivnut and Rivkle for global demand. These include the original Rivnut, Rivnut EZ, Plusnut®, Plusnut Pre-Bulbed and Rivstud®.

Bollhoff also provides well engineered and reliable tools for the installation of all products. These include the P803, P330, C302, C302H Inline Tool, C362 and an assortment of Manual Tools for installation in maintenance and development applications.

Rivnuts 2010
Rivnut Design Guide
Plusnut Flyer
Rivnut Elastic
Bollhoff Thin Wall
Bollhoff Overview 2008

RIVKLE Stainless Steel (English)
RIVKLE Stainless Steel (Spanish)

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Rivnut Install Concept

Plusnut Install Concept

Rivstud Install Concept


Technology Components Southwest is the Authorized Preferred Distributor for Bollhoff in the Southwest and Midwest USA and Mexico border cities.

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